Best Deviled Eggs Recipes

Decorating Easter eggs is fun, but once they’ve all been found you have to decide what to do with so many hard boiled eggs. Deviled eggs make a fun and tasty snack or appetizer, and they can be really simple – mash the yolks together with a little mayo and mustard and then pipe them back into the whites. But it is possible to add exciting flavors that make these eggs as much of a conversation piece as they are a snack. Here are three interesting deviled eggs recipes to make using up your Easter eggs a little more exciting.

Chipotle Bacon Deviled Eggs

Chipotle Bacon Deviled Eggs by Pinch My Salt

Chipotle Bacon Deviled Eggs – by Pinch My Salt

Nicole at Pinch my Salt pulls out the recipe trump card by adding bacon to her deviled eggs – a surefire way to draw the attention of the bacon loving multitudes on the internet. In addition to the standard mayo and Dijon mustard, she mixes white wine vinegar and chipotle chile powder with her yolks. She also stirs in chopped bacon, but reserves a few larger pieces to use as garnishes across the top of each egg – an appetizing touch.

When making this recipe, keep in mind that it calls for smoked paprika rather than regular. Regular paprika will give these eggs the same eye-catching appearance you see in the photo, but the smoked variety adds a much different flavor that compliments the chipotle taste. If you’re a fan of a chipotle flavors (or of course, bacon) then this recipe is definitely one you will want to take for a spin.

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Mediterranean Deviled Eggs

Mediterranean Deviled Eggs by Shockingly Delicious

Mediterranean Deviled Eggs – by Shockingly Delicious

This recipe packs Greek flavor into the tasty treats, using scallions, capers and finely chopped Kalamata olives. Also in the mix are oregano, balsamic vinegar and a hint of hot sauce to add to these eggs’ unique flavor.

Dorothy garnishes her eggs alternately with a slice of olive, a few capers, a slice of sun-dried tomato and a leaf of parsley, which is a fun idea if you want to give each egg a slightly different potent flavor. You might also try sprinkling a dash Greek seasoning over the top for appearances – but not too much, as you don’t want to mask the great flavors that are already there.

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Sriracha Avocado Deviled Eggs

Sriracha Avocado Deviled Eggs by The Perfect Pantry

Sriracha Avocado Deviled Eggs – by The Perfect Pantry

This unique recipe gets its striking green color from the avocado that is used in place of mayonnaise. That’s right – deviled eggs with no mayonnaise, and still creamy and satisfying because that’s what avocados do. Other key flavors include soy sauce, rice vinegar, lime juice and, of course, Sriracha (an Asian hot sauce I hope you already know well). This is definitely one of the most unique deviled eggs recipes I have seen, and one I am eager to try.

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Does one of these deviled egg recipes tickle your fancy, or does your heart belong to another? Are you making these out of Easter eggs or is there another occasion where you think deviled eggs are a perfect match? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my Mediterranean Deviled Eggs. They are so delicious…I hope you make them! Your other 2 selections look scrumptious, too!

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